Acceleration Limiter



Offer an option to limit and/or warn about high acceleration on residential streets.


I was just watching a video of someone driving his Model S through narrow roads in a residential area with his kid enjoying the G force.

Most of us have learned to check the speed and respect the speed limit to some degree but there is nothing like an acceleration limit.

It occurs to me that some sort of mechanism should be in the car to avoid careless acceleration, perhaps as some mode: Acceleration monitor: Off, warning, limiter.

  • Off: As of today
  • Warning: A visible warning will show if the car is detected to be in a residential area.
  • Limiter: Acceleration will be reduced in residential areas.

A “residential area” is ideally cloud data stored, perhaps linked to the speed limit, against GPS position perhaps detected in combination with sensors in the car.

I believe this is also a proactive measure to a future where Tesla Motors could face legal issues with people driving irresponsible hitting kids playing in such areas with poor visibility.

Moderator: The Valet mode already offers an accelerator limited function that can be applied at any time. Not quite the same as detecting residential streets.



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I do believe this is implemented between the Chill mode and the speed limit control (parental control) that was implemented on 18.24.x
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Ivan, if everything about risky behaviors could be reliably "installed" in the heads of drivers, we would never see a drunk, speeding, texting etc. driver. Rather we can create software that does what is possible on reducing these risks.
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Acceleration limiter in a residential area should be "installed" in drivers head!
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