HomeLink Button Should Remain



When within the GPS location when the HomeLink is available, leave the HomeLink selection visible unless you move away from the location or swipe the selection up.


In my garage. I always hit the button twice – once to open, then again to close. The HomeLink icon has to be hit even though I’m still in the same area.

Non-Tesla car’s HomeLink uses physical buttons that are always available.




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     Created 10-Apr-2013


I’d prefer to have a default location that is triggered upon pressing the home link button. If you want to get into the settings or a different location you could press and hold or pull down for other options. This could be configurable.
    Created 2-Jul-2019
As to the last comment - I just think the button should appear; you could choose whether or not to press.

    Created 14-Sep-2015
If they do this, it should be enabled through settings. I would not like to have to hit the icon twice to make it turn off. I prefer to use the button on the garage wall to close the door because I often exit the car and then get things out of the trunk or back seat before I am ready to close the garage door.
    Created 13-Sep-2015
I'd add to this:
- Learn what GPS coordinates associates with a HL entry based on where it is used, not where it is programmed.
- Allow each HL entry to have two GPS coordinates, for communities with front and back gates.
- Support two-way HomeLink with display
- More HomeLink presets
    Created 31-Aug-2015
I completely agree.  I have a garage door and an automatic gate that are close together, so even though I often use the physical buttons in my garage, my typical departure involves at least 3 button presses and as many as 6 (HomeLink, garage, HomeLink, gate, HomeLink, gate).  The natural flow of entry or exit has me needing to press the a button at about the time it currently disappears.  Definitely a first world problem, but it does seem like there should be a user preference for leaving the buttons on while in the geofence... or move the buttons to another location.
    Created 13-Aug-2015
HomeLink buttons should stay on longer.
    Created 4-Feb-2015
Really, it's that hard for you to tap the screen a second time to close your garage from inside the car, wow!  i dont do that because I hit the drivers profile button to move my seat to "exit" so I can get out of the car more easily. I close my garage with the wall button my way into my house. 
    Created 4-May-2014