HomeLink for 4 or More Doors



Between my home garage and aircraft hangars I have 7 doors. I have to choose the three I use the most – seems pretty restrictive.


I suspect this may be a HomeLink licensing issue and unfixable, but I put it out there anyway.



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     Created 10-Apr-2013


Many of us live in gated communities and even own two homes, each with 3+ garage doors. Tesla should be embarrassed by limiting us to just 3 openers. Now factor in investment properties (also in gated communities) and I could easily use up 7 of these. It'd also be nice to program my parents gate and close friends homes gates. Let's get 'er done Tesla!
    Created 6-Jun-2017
This limited 3-door HomeLink design belongs in sub-$30k budget-mobiles -- not in $120k luxury cars. The Tesla is the epitome of technology and whomever is responsible for limiting this otherwise awesome car by choosing Johnson Controls' HomeLink should be reassigned or fired. There are other choices - usually found in German-made automobiles. Bosch perhaps?

I have no less that 8 items to program. An entry gate at each home, multiple garage doors, roll-up doors at my commercial facility, etc.

    Created 28-Jul-2016
With proper software and added memory/hardware over 3 doors are possible. Add more  switches or have it connect via a car bus to control more. The method that Tesla uses, touch monitor, would work out nicely. It could also be GPS aware (which it is for the presence of the icon switches) but I'm saying more than 3 and multiple house locations for different ones to pop up.
    Created 2-Mar-2014
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the buttons location sensitive?
    Created 31-Dec-2013
I've been able to double up. So for example I have a button named Home/Loft.  The same HomeLink setting opens my garage door at home, AND the garage roll up gate at a loft in another city.
    Created 10-May-2013
HomeLink is made/licensed by Johnson Controls, but they offer very little public information about the design. It appears 3 doors is the design limit of the chip/hardware module. I expect it is technically possible to have multiple chips/modules to get a multiple of 3.

It is also possible to get a aftermarket controller and add an additional 3 HomeLink buttons (but not integrated into the MS display). A quick scan shows these to be a bit expensive at $250 (BrandMotion).
    Created 12-Apr-2013