22 kW 3-phase AC Charger



For Europe, it would be very useful to have a 22 kW 3-Phase Charger onboard instead of an 11 kW charger. It would utilize the full power of a 3 x 63 amp source instead of limiting it to a 3 x 32 amp source.

It would produce 200 km/h of charging that cuts the full charge in half.


While zero value in the USA (no residential has 3 phases), it’s useful for some European countries.


The European vehicles and the HPWC currently sold is suitable up to 3 phase, 32 amps.  The only next step is Supercharging.


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     Created 27-Mar-2013


"While zero value in the USA (no residential has 3 phase)" doesn't address the needs of possible fleet buyers, who could benefit from faster charging at industrial installations ...
    Created 1-Dec-2014
There is already Renault Zoe which supports this. It does not have DC fast charge capability, but offers 43kW (3*63A) Chameleon charger. This is only EV-related feature where cometition is better than Tesla.
    Created 5-Jan-2014
Sorry about the edits. Often suggestions are really poorly worded or do not go into enough depth, so I edit them for clarity and consistency (although I don't remember if this suggestion was problematic).

I also try and add any new facts that are known as time goes on. It's a little different than a forum, as I'm trying to keep the primary content clear and understandable without having users wade through  a long list of posts to understand it. I'll try and add a note in the future when suggestions are edited (so the poster is not blamed for our errors!).
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3 phase useful for Australia also.
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@Admin thank's for your changes in my posting. I'm also not that happy that it is done without preserving my original post.

@Volker: Yes I've actually meant a quadruple charger or simple 2 onboard charger units that are capable of 22kW each. Let's hope the best, until now there are no official specs available. Even Tesla stuff didn't know the final specs.
    Created 28-Mar-2013
I am generally a little uncomfortable with the fact that you edit text in other people's name and that it's impossible to tell your version of the story from the original post. I admit that in most cases the posts benefit from your editing, but in this case you got it wrong.

Elon has promised 3-phase charging a year ago, at the 2012 Geneva auto show. He did not mention much detail then. Meanwhile, although I'm not completely convinced that this information is final, the website and the European Tesla staff convey the impression that all European Model S will support 3-phase charging with the base model being able to digest 10 kW and dual on-board chargers being an option to charge with up to 20 kW (much like the American single phase on-board chargers).

This is a little off-base, since our 16 A connectors support 11 kW and the 32 A connectors support 22 kW, and that's the actually usable sustained rate. What's more, 63 A connectors are not uncommon, and they could charge the Model S at a rate of 44 kW. It's the latter that the original post was referring to. "Quadruple chargers", if you want.
    Created 27-Mar-2013