360 degree camera surround view when parking



Offer a bird’s eye surround view on the main screen when parking.


Currently, a similar feature is offered on some premium cars.

Moderator: This will add some cost for additional side cameras and another front camera. The current cameras do not point to the ground and are optimized for Auto-pilot. Likely the stitching together of the video can be done with the current AP processor, but that’s unknown. With the V10 smart summon feature and auto-park, the need for this may be minimal.

Also see desired feature: Front Camera for Parking



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     Created 21-Aug-2019


My 2016 Nissan Titan had this feature... It a shame that my very sophisticated Tesla does not have this feature!!!
    Created 5-Feb-2020
This comes as a standard feature on most Luxury cars and is super helpful while parking and avoids those annoying curb-rashes. This must be available in all the cars offered by such a technologically advanced company.
    Created 1-Dec-2019
I've driven several ICE cars with 360 view and love it.  Would pay some extra for it.
    Created 22-Nov-2019
I've driven several ICE cars with 360 view and love it.  Would pay some extra for it.
    Created 22-Nov-2019
Would agree. Didn't purchase a Model S and waited over 3 years for the M3 as I couldn't fit the S into the garage. Unfortunately the visibility on the 3 is too bad to guide it in safely as well!
    Created 10-Oct-2019
This isn't a feature reserved for luxury vehicles anymore. While it's true that luxury vehicles have this (e.g. Our 2018 Cadillac Escalade ESV has this feature). Our 2016 Kia Sedona (mini van) had this, as well as our 2018 Nissan Leaf. We currently own a 2019 Model X but my wife doesn't like to drive it due to the lack of this feature and refuses to allow the purchase of another Tesla until this is a feature like our vehicle that's  1/4 the price.

While I understand that this is not a required feature due to the fact that Tesla's can park themselves and they provide a "birds eye view" of the vehicle with lines of color as you get closer to things using the ultrasonic sensors. After having the ability to see all around your vehicle it's quite a step back.

I understand that the only real missing camera on a Tesla is the front facing camera in the grill/bumper. But I can't imagine that it would be too much to ask to have the ability to see video all around otherwise, I mean we have 8 cameras that offer many views as can be seen in DashCam videos and Sentry Videos.

So my suggestion would be to show what can be shown in addition to the colored lines from the ultrasonic sensors with the hardware and software that we have available.
    Created 2-Oct-2019
Our Lexus vehicles have the 360 view feature and it is the single most missed feature in our new Tesla Model S.   The 360 camera view is much needed in the Model S and would make parking a breeze.  No,  the Smart Summon and Auto-Park features are not an adequate substitute for a 360 view.   In tight situations with moving targets, the 360 view makes all the difference in the world.   I would pay a lot to get that feature back for our Model S.

    Created 29-Sep-2019
could be a great feature, especially for the model 3 wich has a bad view angles,  all premium cars have this ... GOGOGO ;-)
    Created 28-Sep-2019
I agree with the above certainly. It makes tight maneovering much easier , especially  keeping an eye on low objects and kerbs
    Created 4-Sep-2019
I've used a similar feature on a Mercedes. I can say it was possibly one of the greatest safety features I have ever seen for parking. This would be a fantastic addition.
    Created 2-Sep-2019
This request seems to me to be more of an attention getter rather than a useful feature.
    Created 22-Aug-2019