120 VAC Inverter



Offer a 120 VAC inverter option, to power common devices. The outlet would be in the center area so a laptop or DVD player can be run and charged. To save power, it might only be active when the vehicle is on AND an item is plugged in. A system with 100-200 watts would be adequate for many uses.

A bonus would be a 240 VAC option.


A few vehicles currently offer built-in inverters. External inverters that power from the 12 V accessory jack are available now for up to about 150 W and reduces the need for this feature.


The Cybertruck offers AC power.  Details are unknown as of this writing.

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     Created 15-Jul-2013


This along with a missing 360 birds-eye view camera for parking are my two biggest disappointments for all Teslas.  For goodness sake the car is a giant battery and it can't power my laptop on a road trip???  That's nuts!  Many convenient uses for an elegantly built-in standard 110v plug.

Elon seems to realize this for the upcoming pick-up truck, but sadly missed this for MS, MX, and M3.  I've absolutely loved my P85 and now my M3P, but constructively speaking these are two of the biggest cool/useful feature oversights for these incredible, beautiful, luxury cars IMHO.

    Created 25-Sep-2018
A pizzly 150 watts "reduces the need"? Bah! A third-party supplier should be able to offer at least a couple kilowatts from the main battery, NOT from the aux. Campers, tailgaiters, homeowners whose grid just went down will think of the The Tesla Guy as a hero, PR good enough to negate any cost from Superchargers. The Church picnic's Crock Pots kept warm without a noisy, stinky generator... think about it.
    Created 12-Apr-2018
I'd like to see this as standard, but willing to pay for it as an option.
    Created 3-Apr-2018
Our church had a special service today at a retreat center, and I volunteered to bring an electric piano to accompany the congregational singing. When I arrived and started setting up, I was informed that the power was off in that area.

I had a 60 kWh Model S battery sitting there that could probably power that piano for a year. Wouldn't a 110V outlet be handy?

The story has a happy ending because the bag of stuff in the back off the car that I unloaded from my old Prius just happened to have a 100W AC inverter and I was able to plug in the piano, but I was just lucky. Lots of other people wouldn't have had one. A 110V outlet would also be great for camping or during a power outage at home. I agree that anyone who wants the feature can buy an outboard inverter, but not everyone would think of it before an unusual situation like mine presented itself.

The Tesla 12V socket can provide 150W of continuous power, and that would be a reasonable capacity for an integrated Tesla inverter.
    Created 9-Oct-2016
Would be nice to be able to use the Tesla as an electricity source when house power is down or if you're in the middle of nowhere
    Created 13-Jul-2016
Model X
Mercedes has a modest two-prong 110v outlet and it proves very useful (kids toys, chargers, inflators, refrigerator, etc.)
It wasn't a "deal breaker" but I was somewhat dismayed to see the home of electric vehicles had neglected to include an AC outlet?! : )
    Created 7-Jun-2016
I do believe that all power in the cab comes from the over worked 12v battery, not the traction battery. Therefore, this overworked battery will fail even sooner than it already does. (Too many deep cycles).
If we could draw from the main traction battery, this would be a good idea.
I think our systems uses a N/C contact relay to keep the main traction battery disconnected until needed. This offers a way to disconnect the traction battery whenever there is a major accident. Hit something and the emergency relay drops the main battery. This protects the First Responders and such, from large voltages.
when the 12v battery draws down and recharges, it must kick in the main traction battery, (vampire loads among other voltage usages) to draw current from. If this 12v battery gets too low, it will not be able to close the contacts to the main battery (cold soaked) and it will fail and the car becomes inoperable. This is true even if on 'Shore Power', because the HPWC only feeds the main battery.

Please take care of, 'Our Little Friend' :)
    Created 3-Apr-2016
Providing power for external devices is problematic in an environment, where free energy is offered via Superchargers. Small amounts are irrelevant, but a high power inverter would allow use of Supercharger energy for purposes other than long distance travel - and that's not Tesla's intention.
    Created 2-Jan-2016
I have installed 2 lighter sockets with a 10 amp fuse in the Frunk and have a 300watt inverter plugged in to one of them.

The wiring is connected to the charging posts behind the grill

You must be very careful not to let the wires short or you will have a fire on your hands!!!

Works great for low power 240 volt appliances!
    Created 29-Jan-2015
Even a 100-200W 240V/110V inverter would be pretty nice. I guess that should still fit inside that huge center console...
    Created 27-Jan-2015
While the elegant Model S might seem out of place at a remote campsite, the X might be a likely camping and working vehicle where a serious inverter, say 2400 watts, would be worthwhile for tools and tailgating paraphernalia. Running from the high-voltage battery makes a lot more sense than getting heavy currents from a 12-volt system.
    Created 23-Sep-2013
The VAC inverter should be configurable to deliver 230V (European standard). Mind you: 200 Watts is not enough to run a vacuum cleaner or a coffee machine...
    Created 16-Jul-2013