10-Second Replay Button for Media



Add a button to the media player that replays the previous 10 seconds of the media stream, and continues from there. This is similar the the replay button on a TiVo or DVR system connected to your TV. It requires the audio source to pass through a memory buffer while being played.

Ever been half-listening to the news when some story catches your attention, but you missed the initial comments about when, where or who it happened to? This allows you to back up and replay the salient details you missed.


This feature should be a no-brainer for streaming audio sources. Personally, I would find this feature most useful for live radio transmissions though. I’m not sure if the Tesla media hardware is configured to support this; however, it seems like there’s potential.

I’m not aware of any other automotive media systems having this feature, but I’m sure somebody must make something like this already.



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     Created 12-Sep-2013


I think of this as a DVR for radio.  I would like to be able to rewind up to an hour if I tune in late to a live broadcast (assuming the radio is tuned to a particular station).  Even better if I could record programs and play them back later.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
This feature is now supported for Tunein streaming media with the V8.0 firmware release; however, it is still not supported for terrestrial radio.
    Created 3-Oct-2016
I would like to see a 30 sec buffer.  Too easy to get distracted if something happens on the road and it pulls one's attention away from listening.
    Created 24-Jun-2014
My guess is the reason manufacturers don't implement this, other than they didn't think about it, is that they probably would have to pay licensing fees for the patents.
    Created 29-May-2014