Here are some of the most useful links we’ve found relating to Tesla Motors and the Model S and Model X.

Upcoming Conferences & Events

  • Tesla Model 3 – Reveal Part 2 – Spring 2017
  • TMC Connect 2017 – Summer 2017?

Past Events

Forums, Social and Informational Sites

Tesla specific products, accessories and modification services

  • Abstract Ocean – Model S accessories including screen protectors, FOB covers and USB adapters
  • Al-Eds AutoSound – Products for Model S and modification and upgrades for audio, radar detection, leather seating logos, etc.
  • EVannex – Offers center consoles, lighting, cup-holders and other accessories (formally Teslaccessories)
  • EV Appliques – Rear color LED TESLA Applique kit and front camera kit
  • EVChargeKing – European cables and Tesla port release kit
  • ForMyTesla – Wheels, spoilers and other products for the Model S I haven’t’ seen elsewhere
  • LH Labs (Light Harmonic) – High-end speakers and amplifiers specifically for Tesla.
  • Owning Model S – Nick Howe’s book and  Q&A site
  • Power12 – Offers the CapturePro J1772 connection lock
  • Reus Audio Systems – Installs custom audio systems for the Model S and other exotics.
  • RPM Tesla– Offers carbon fiber nose cone wraps and decals.
  • T Sportline – Wheels, carbon fiber accents, interior accessories for the Models S
  • Tesla&More – Center console divider, coat hooks, Nose cone removal tool
  • TeslaDashCam – HD dashcam designed just for Tesla Model S
  • TeslaPride – Offers cupholders, mugs, t-shirts and more
  • TorkLift Central – Tow bar, magnetic cup holders, removable front license plate holder and more
  • Unplugged – Performance tuning products for the Model S
  • Vossen Wheels – Wheels for the Model S

Used Tesla Sales and Selling

Making Money with your Car, Rebates

  • Ohmconnect pays you money to control your home charging. They may delay charging by up to an hour a few times a week to reduce the electrical grid load during unexpected peak usage. For the Tesla EV (and a few other EVs) no hardware is required. See site for more details and free signup. Currently limited to select power company areas in the USA.
  • PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate – $500 (Parts of California)

Locations of Charging Stations

  • Alternative Fuels Data Center – USA only, specify a zip for a focused map. Limited search filtering by charging type.
  • CarStations – Specify which charging stations types. Includes Tesla option, but does not identify Superchargers vs Roadster chargers.
  • ChargePoint – J1772 pay chargers specific to ChargePoint network. Free signup required to use chargers, but requires $25 deposit.
  • EV Trip Planner – Tesla specific mapping for your model type as well as routing through Superchargers – Considers current traffic, temp, speed and elevations!
  • PlugShare – Includes Tesla Superchargers
  • Supercharger Map shows Superchargers in North America along with those under construction and those with permits.
  • Tesla Highway – Google map of west and east coast chargers usable by Tesla’s vehicles.

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Engineering Topics

The Model S 2014 Calendar (Yep, out of date but I think you can modify it when ordering to a newer year)

  • Preview and order at Mixbook (if Coupon Code 30MBLIN1  works it should save you 30%, use Google to search for others)
  • A huge thanks go to all the photographers who contributed their great photos to this endeavor
  • Other notes: This calendar has 14 very high-resolution photos. You can modify the months included in the calendar at Mixbook.
  • TeslaTap created this calendar, but makes no money from any orders.  Enjoy!