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Automatic Nav/Map Zoom (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


When navigating, offer a map display mode that shows the current location and the destination. As you move closer to the destination the map would automatically zoom in to show more detail yet keep both current location and destination on the map.


I do this manually. It’s useful for reviewing the live traffic situation and having an intuitive feel for avoiding congestion. Navigation is a good tool but no algorithm beats the human brain for looking at the big picture.


Implemented in 6.2 and further refined in 8.0.

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I believe this is one of the features that came with the 6.1 update? :-)
This is implemented already in firmware v6.1.
Good to know it's on the way

For the record: I noticed the phone App actually does exactly this feature.  If you select your location and the car's location, it zooms to show both very nicely.
Yep.  In 6.1 and works great except that it's always displayed North Up instead of direction up.
Finally got it, in 6.2!!!   Nice :-)
The stuff implemented in 6.2 (trip view) isn't as good as a speed sensitive zoom. I'd like it to zoom in/out based on speed like Waze.
You do get a context-sensitive zoom on the driving console display ... it zooms in for junctions, and zooms out when you are able to drive fast... no point replicating that behaviour on the main screen.
I only wish it had a direction up option instead of North up only.