Close Windows If Rain



Have an option to automatically close the windows when parked if it detects that it’s raining.


This could save the interior from getting damaged if one leaves the windows open a bit while parked in warm weather.

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Moderator: There could be a small safety issue of automatically closing windows on someone’s hand.



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Neat idea, but not urgent.
i'm pretty sure Teslas (and all cars with electric windows) sense obstructions (like hands) when windows close, and stop; no safety issue there.
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I understand the arguments for safety concerns over auto-closing windows and sunroof -- although I'd counter-argue that all have safety sensors built-in by law to prevent harm.

Regardless of which side of the debate you're on, hopefully at least Tesla could implement a notification to the Smartphone App (or better yet a nice interrupting SMS message) if windows and/or sunroof is open and rain sensor detects precipitation.
Other cars already have this feature. How can Tesla avoid it?

I am in favor of voting for a notification via the app. That would be a nice intermediate step to solve this, wich could continue to exist if the automated closing is implemented. That way, users have a choice, only notification or automated action.