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Remote App HVAC Changes Temporary



When using the Tesla remote phone app to control the HVAC it currently can override previous settings and works even if the car is in motion. Two suggestions:

1) If the remote HVAC is used to turn off the HVAC, when entering the car, the car should resume the last non-off settings. For example, set the car temp to 72 degrees for 5 minutes with the remote. Then turn it off remotely. Get into the car 10 minutes later, and it should resume at the 72 degree settings (not remain off as it currently does). Think of the remote HVAC control as a temporary override until you get into the car.

2) Remote HVAC settings change should be ignored if the car is not in Park (very minor).

Rewritten above by Admin for clarity. Original wording:
When you utilize the remote control from your phone, and you turn off the environmental controls, it should signal the transition in the MODE the car is in at that moment. If the car is locked (no user nearby) then the enable or disable of the environmental control is contextual to that locked state – same if you remotely adjust it when someone is driving (but frankly I don’t see why remote control is allowed in that case). This contextual reference method would fix an interesting error currently seen: turn on the HVAC remotely, then later turn it off – when you get back in the car the HVAC is off for normal operation – which is wrong.


We’re not aware of any vendor that offers this feature.



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