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Lock Confirmation Chirp



It would be nice to have the option of a horn sound when set or a option not to have it.


Many vehicles offer a chirp or brief horn tap when the car is locked.  Some owners love the feedback to confirm the car is truly locked, while others hate the additional noise.  Having an option for this feature would be ideal.  Most luxury cars also dispense with the horn and have a far nicer chirp that is distinctive, but not annoying like horn based systems.



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A more subtle chirp might be better, indeed. And if configurable, how about being able to set hours for when not to chirp, in order to not wake your neighbors when you park at night? I suppose visual confirmation in the turning signal lights whould suffice when dark. :-)
I was actually looking for this very option the other day and could not believe that my Model S did not have it. As for horn vs. chirp, count me in for the chirp camp.
Not a fan of alarm systems chirping when locking the door.  I can hear the locks engage when locking the car with my fob and watching the lights.
Make it configurable, and perhaps light sensitive, so one gets the chirp in bright sunlight only.
It would have to be configurable. I LOVE that it doesn't make a sound.
I depend on this with my Acura because sometimes the lock does not engage.  It would be helpful to not have to look over my shoulder every time I get out and walk away, which I'll do until they implement this.
True, I know I should trust the car to auto lock, but it would be nice to have an Audible notification during the AM hours and a Visible notification, in the PM hours.
Implemented in v18.26.x