Warning Audio When Sentry Mode Triggered



Offer an option for an audio alert that can be heard outside the car when sentry mode is triggered.


Currently, when triggered, the screen appears and the external lights flash. This may not be enough to warn someone nearby.  An audio alert would further reinforce that Sentry mode was triggered. It might even have a verbal warning like “Please be careful – video recording in progress”.

This could prevent damage by people unloading stuff out of their cars and causing dents.



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Surely this would trigger every time  a pedestrian walked by?
option for growl or barking option :-)
There should of course be a correct balance so it does not trigger immediately but after some prolonged "action" nearby and it could just be a discrete bleep and flash just to hint that you should not mess with this car.


Barking would be fun but not so discrete anymore :)
Or notify owner via text with photo