Expanded Voice Activation



In Addison to radio, phone and navigation, it would be nice to control climate, sunroof, windows, charge port door, lights, etc. using voice commands.





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Voice recognition is HARD.  Try out Apple’s SIRI for example.  More commands could me more difficulty in recognition.  The engineers need to prioritize what is important to be under voice control vs. the "might be useful stuff".  Personally, I wait until I am parked or at a light to attempt any reconfiguration other then the most common used functions e.g., close the sun roof.
I'm fairly certain Tesla didn't write the voice recognition for their cars. It's most likely coming from a third party. Furthermore, it's ability to recognize song titles and artist names already indicates the voice recognition engine needs no further enhancement. They just need to program the car to act on particular commands.
It would be nice to have voice control to select profiles as well. e.g. "select park mode" when set to raise steering column, move seat rearwards and lift the air suspension to very high.
The possibility to give voice commands in various other-then-english languages would be much appreciated with the existing commands. Voice recognition
I had a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. The Voice activation system not only understood my Indian accent better but also could be used to control climate etc.
I can't believe this is a biggie, considering that Siri and Google have hit it out of the park'

Ford's 'My Sync', (2014)  isn't even in the park, that poor thing just doesn't understand common speech. Please don't ask them for help, PLEASE, PLEASE don't.
In today's world with Alexa, Ok Google, Siri, etc and the Tesla positioning as a technology company having voice commands for many other functions like sunroof open/close, door lock/unlock, etc seems obvious.  I would also be happy with the ability to have a limited set of verbal commands that get trained with a setup function to customize for each person's voice.  I would also be good with using my google or apple phone as the front end to take the voice command and then communicate it to Tesla via an API.  This would also be a great demo feature for Tesla sales.
Even more than expanding, need to just improve the NLP. When I try to do voice dial, it gets it wrong a lot. Google understands me perfectly and I never have issues. Especially around people that have less common last names. Or allow it to learn from the corrections you give it.
Google's seems to be the best. Alexa is the hands down worst. Personally, I find any tech to be both useless and aggravating if it doesn't work at the three 9's level. I'm retired IT, and if our products failed at the frequency of the consumer marketplace tech, we would all have been bankrupt and out of jobs. So, I don't care if Tesla does anything at all until they can, as stated above, hit it out of the park.
Reducing distractions is the great safety-in-driving drive of the last decade.  While the focus is on cell phones, the same argument applies to complicated cars that require looking at the dash to operate them.

In the past, I would have argued that the best modern safety feature is the heads-up display.  I personally wouldn't drive without it.  But we recently purchased a Model X for my wife and I realized that Tesla cars have a bigger problem: a lot of features hidden in a complicated menu system that requires reading and touching a computer monitor.

The solution is a greatly expanded set of voice commands.  Virtually everything in controls and settings should be accessible by voice command.  The technology is a simple extension of the existing voice command system, but it would represent a huge step forward in safety and convenience.

I can't imagine why Tesla doesn't make this their #1 priority.