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Customized Display



Offer custom fields, shortcuts and font choices.


For example, display the full date and time; Saturday, April 7, 2018, 8:00 pm.

Provide shortcuts to open and close the trunk, turn on the heated steering wheel, etc. without the need to dig into the control menus.

Provide choice of display fonts and sizes.

Bonus would be scripts to combine operations.  For example, combine heat seat and steering wheel on/off.



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Move the time and temp to the top left corner of the display so it can easily be seen.
Adding a font feature is highly desirable, at least for me. Using the current gray font on a white background is very difficult to see while driving, especially on the left side of the instrument panel. Use high contrast font like black on white background and enable increasing or decreasing the size. Contrast is very important for fast visibility.
I’m a fan of exposing as many details of the UI and product functionality as possible. I know how problematic that can be.

I imagine something like text-based configuration files, plus a secure way to get access to them, would go a long way here.

A communication based way to give the car commands and request status, would allow 3rd party solutions to many of the requests posted to this forum without requiring changes to the car’s official software.

example: if the car gets close to home at night, turn on the yard lights.

This requires the car’s knowledge of its geofence and communication with the home automation system. A third party product is useful for linking these disparate systems.
Some of this would be useful, but too much customization capability could make  it difficult for anyone else to drive your car. Maybe all of it could revert to standard if not using your personal profile.
@Pixelated Engineer: I imagine something like an about:flags interface that power users could dig into to tweak options that aren't important enough to be present in the UI. The idea would be to avoid overwhelming normies with gobs of options screens but to still expose lots of knobs for us tweakers.
Yes, this!