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Upgrade from 3G to 4G/LTE (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Upgrade to 4G and/or LTE To improve web signal strength and increase data speed.


Tesla has stated the hardware supports 4G connections (likely HSPA+), so it is likely this will be available as a software upgrade at some point.

Tesla has never stated the hardware supports LTE. This assumes a hardware upgrade would be required for LTE.

From a tweet from Elon Musk in May 2013:

“@RaimisJ Tesla software knits together Google Voice, Slacker, Gracenote & others and streams over 3G (will be LTE later)”


4G LTE is now shipping and active in cars produced in June 2015 and a few cars produced in May 2015.

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Please do this!   the 3G is SOOOOOO slow.
I support upgrading as 3G is just too slow.

It makes the Tesla seem old.
absolutely need this
Yes please make this happen Tesla.... There should be nothing slow about this car
Agree...a car this progressive should not be 3 years old in its offerings for connectivity.  I would think a lot of us use Android phones and have 4G/LTE connectivity.  If we could get that on the Model S, it would be appropriate and way past time!
Seems like we've been asking for this for quite a while  -  now Verizon has announced and even faster service called XLTE. It's the latest advancement of Verizon's 4G LTE network: double the 4G LTE bandwidth.
Until it's implemented in the car, you can use your hot-spot in your LTE phone and connect to it via WiFi in the car.  Hope you have a big data plan :)

Yes please!

This is said to be done on newer cars but I don't know where I heard it. I think at the Nvidia event.
Even with a faster network connection the browser is still terribly slow. Try it when on wifi. A faster network won't solve all the problems.
I have testet the speed. It is 3G+. More than 20 Mbit

Definitely needed.  Let's keep up with technology.  3G is so outdated and way too slow.
I had the upgrade installed in my 2014 Model S last December (2015). Highly recommended! Speed of map updates is improved, especially in weak signal areas. Overall coverage is notably better as well.