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Bluetooth Radio Off Option


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Offer an option to turn off Bluetooth.


There is a growing population of people who are experiencing the unintended consequence of RF technology who have become sensitive to RF exposure over time.  This is documented in Sweden and Germany.  Known as EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitivity).  Symptoms include pressure headaches, nausea, fatigue, heart palpitations.  There needs to be a feature in the menu that actually powers down all Bluetooth sources in the Tesla.  Currently, you can only un-pair a device, but the Bluetooth radios remain ON.  This would allow people who are sensitive to near field RF to still be able to enjoy the benefits of owning and driving a Tesla.



Moderator: We are unaware of anyone being affected by Bluetooth. It’s an extremely low-level signal.



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Bluetooth is way more harmless than a cell phone signal. A class 2 (10' range) Bluetooth transmitter is 2.5 mW. A cellphone and the cell system in the car can be 6000 mW!

I think you should live in a Faraday shield!  BTW far and away our Sun is the most dangerous radiation we normally subjected too, you could only go out at night and fix that problem.