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TuneIn Podcast Order Control



Presently TuneIn will always play the “next” podcast as in playing in chronological order… which results it playing episodic podcasts backwards.  Have an option to control the  order the episode are played.


So if I listen to Episode 7.11 it next plays 7.10 because my podcaster put out 7.10 first and 7.11 is the next part of the story…

Reverse Chronological Order would have it play from oldest to newest. So they would play from where I start up to letting me catch up with the current podcast.

An example: consider a history podcast such as the “Revolutions” podcast that started with the English Civil war in the 1600s and is slowly moving forward in time to present history showing the shaping of the modern world. Current TuneIn app plays backwards through time, playing older episodes. TuneIn needs an option to pick what order to play in, and to be able to set this option for each distinct podcast in our favorites list.

Mobile device podcast apps typically allow playback in either order. Long chapter subject based or educational podcasts benefit from ‘reverse chronological’ for listening to lessons in order, whereas discussion or news apps are best if playing newest episodes first.



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