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Trip Planning via Web



The Trip Planning function in the car is great, but when planning a trip, it would be much easier to be able to plan a trip on a computer while sitting in your home or office that updates the in-car plan.





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The whole Tesla/Google NAV app could use a good going over.  There are numerous improvements that need to be made to bring the functionality up to the abilities of Garmin or Magellan GPS'.
until then just use https://evtripplanner.com
It would be nice to view a route in advance and download it to the car as the route planned by the nav can sometimes take you around the mulberry bush.  On Star had a partnership with Mapquest that did just that.
Or bake this into the App so you can do it from you phone and then push that to the car.

While your at it, put saved routes in your Nav history so you can pull up this planned route a few days later and not have to push it right before you leave.
A Trip reversal for point to point trips would be nice.  Consider the case of needing to travel to a destination and remain there for an unspecified amount of time; only to return to the starting point.
Nav on phone is NOT what I want - I want to plan a trip on a computer where I can actually see enough detail on a larger screen and then download that to the car.  Having to do so on a phone actually makes things worse than doing it in the car.
tesla has done something specially to plan trips in the web