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Trip Planning App



Could be implemented on their website, the mobile app or within the car itself.  You should be able to plan a trip, based on current conditions (wind, temperature, direction, etc.), speed and route.  A recommended “safe” margin can be established.  This would not be too dissimilar to flight planning in aviation.  GPS system and maps need to be EV-friendly, and terrain-aware.

If planning a longer trip, should include stops at charging locations and approximate wait time based on charging hookup (120V, 240V, supercharger, etc).


Software and UI only.


Tesla has hinted that such a feature may be available in the future.

Category: Tags: entered 28-Jun-2013


Some of this has already been promised, taking into account superchargers.
Implemented in 6.2
Should include to download map data for the whole trip on request.
Already implemented, though done quite poorly
Is wind and temperature implemented?
EVtripplanner does the job, but this feature should be implemented in the native navigation of your Tesla.

In EVtripplanner you can also indicate what 'reserve' % of battery you wish at arrival point.
EVtripplanner should be made compatible with Tesla car browser.  Tesla might  help financially EVtripplanner  author to do that, or could buy the software and its software team would make it functional inside the cars.