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Show Vampire/Phantom Drain on App



Show the current and daily vampire drain when not charging and not driving on the phone app.


Several Apps most famous reason to exist is tracking things that they then cause. Simply noting the remaining range when parking and then again just before putting the car back in drive would give essentially the same results, but when you add a 3P app to track it for you, the number goes up quite a bit.

Though there is a Tesla API that allows this tracking w/o entry into the vehicle, it still has a negative impact on the car’s reserves to track the car’s stats. The Phantom Drain is still a Health number worth tracking. And if Tesla tracks it they could perhaps track it in wH’s which will be more precise than percent, which a car may not lose in an entire day.

Moderator: I suspect Tesla doesn’t want or like 3 party apps, especially when they cause significant vampire drain.



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I share concern over 3P apps and vampire drain. The only one I really like is not an app at all but a website, TeslaFi, and really use that for long term monitoring and statistics. I like it that because it is a website there is only one stream of Tesla API communication from it for my car, regardless of how many places I am logged into it, or whether my spouse also uses it. It appears this is not true of smartphone 3P Tesla apps. I put one on my phone and also tablet, then noticed that both were actively communicating, instead of going through some central database, not good.

I would like to see Tesla continue to beef up their own app, albeit very carefully and cautiously, so that I can use that as the only smartphone app.