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Tire Pressure Visual Outside Car



Have an option to display the tire pressure (low/good/high) using the turn signal LEDs on each corner of the car when parked.  For example, when the right-front tire is low, blink only the front right turn signal slowly.  If the pressure is correct, keep the light steady, and if high pressure, blink quickly.


I love the tire pressure monitors for each tire on the display but an external display avoids the need a separate tire gauge.



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Maybe this could be incorporated into the app.
The TPMS sensors go to sleep when the wheels aren't turning, so there's no way for the car to read the tire pressures when the car is parked.
Just a notification in the app would be enough.
Ditto, Matt W... TPMS does not work while parked - for long.
I worry about the battery drain using the indicators unless they turn on just when the fob is detected.  Then the problem would be to remember the last setting since the TPMS only works when the tires are rotating.