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Third Navigation Preset LEISURE



The current presets or navigation are HOME and WORK, but life is more than those two. I would propose a third navigation called LEISURE. This option can be used for sports, hobbies or whatever you do in your free time and use often for quick navigation.


Costs for implementing this are extremely low and there is enough space on the screen and exiting popup dialogue to accommodate for this. Implementing this allows for more easy navigation to a third often used location which emphasizes that life is also about taking some rest or finding relaxation in sports or a hobby. Competition probably doesn’t have this option.



Category: Tags: entered 30-Aug-2018


You can already add favorites for any favorites you need more than two, right? I believe Tesla's design to select 2 addresses 80%+ of the need, without clutter.
Don't need any navigation presets other than Home.  I know how to get to work. Home is useful only to get from where I am to a point that I know in the direction of home; then I turn navigation off.
I'm a retired snowbird, so I have 2 homes (6 months each) and no workplace. So, I'd like the ability to change the work favorite to 2nd home favorite.
Yodrak, it is not only for which way to drive but also for estimated time of arrival and potential traffic congestion.

Al, perhaps changing what is HOME twice a year would be the best sollution? (If you don't want to call the house with most maintenance WORK.)

AndyM, agree that the screen should be as clutter free as possible. If no WORK or LEISURE is set, that should minimize the space used by those locations.
I agree that this is what navigation favorites are for.