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Notification When Car Starts/Moves



Send an alert or notification to a smartphone when the Model S starts or begins to move.  This would have several options to enable/disable such notifications. A bonus feature would avoid notifications if the smartphone is connected to the car via Bluetooth.


In our family we are several persons using the car. It would be very helpful to get a notice in your phone app when the car is started or drives away.

Also this would add to the theft safety of the car. Knowing that you will be alerted as soon as the car is moving. Guess this somewhat relates to the feature post about getting an app message if the alarm triggers.



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Good idea.  I would activate this feature when the car is away from home.
Or when a car is getting towed away e.g. parking in the wrong spot.
Perfect addition to valet mode. I want to know if they take the car post parking lot.