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Teenager Speed Limiter/Monitor



Extend the Valet mode to a teenage profile where the vehicle has a limited acceleration, maximum speed limit and the touchscreen is disabled while driving. It would also have aggressive proximity and collision warnings.

Provide push messages to the parent’s phone app on thresholds that are attempted (i.e. too fast).

Perhaps tie the profile is tied to a special key-fob.

Parents get a report on the driving pattern of the teenage driver would be a bonus (telemetry data may be sufficient to calculate it.


For tracking,  Cmtelematics is doing something similar as an iphone app


Might not happen until Elon’s children are driving age 🙁

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Great and also useful for family/friends not just teenagers. Easy to activate and helps in not being in an awkward moment having to ask them to take it easy.
Unclear what the difference is between this and "valet" mode
Unclear what the difference is between this and "valet" mode
Implemented in 18.24.x:

Speed Limit Mode - You can now limiting the maximum speed limit in the vehicle using a pin