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Have seperate suspension auto-rise/lower based on GPS AND direction.


Currently the GPS-based setting for Suspension works in a way that when you approach a stored location, the height will auto adjust to the set height for that location. This leads to a situation when entering an area where I want the suspension to HIGH, it will set to HIGH. Then I park the car. When leaving again, the suspension starts in LOW, passing the location, it will adjust to HIGH. But that is not what I want. I would like it to work like a fence. On on side of the fence, the suspension needs to be HIGH, on the other side, it needs to be LOW. So passing an auto-raise location should consider the direction before deciding to auto-raise or auto-lower.

Moderator: This might be the opposite of what most owners want. Usually if there is an area that needs a raised suspension, you want it in all directions when passing over that problem spot.



(lightly edited by moderator)



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