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Stop Only Mode for TACC



Add a new TACC mode which only manages stopping and braking while leaving driving and acceleration management to the driver.


Often, TACC engaged cars accelerate into situations where coasting or braking is the more appropriate action (i.e. cars ahead stopped at a red light ahead). Current driver options are:

  • to allow the car to accelerate up to target speed followed by aggressive braking,
  • to repeatedly hit down on the TACC controller lowering the target speed allowing the car to coast into a braking situation, then reset target speed
  • to disengage TACC all together at which point the driver is on their own to appropriately stop the car.

A new mode would allow the TACC stopping logic remains engaged while acceleration / go logic is disengaged. This mode would be the same as taking your foot off of the “gas” in manual drive mode except the car would still be responsible for appropriately stopping as it does currently with TACC engaged.

I would propose the first push away of the TACC control to turn the TACC indicator amber to indicate this new mode and a second push would turn TACC off all together.

Some day Teslas will be smart enough to anticipate proper actions but until that day this feature would add both safety and comfort.



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