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Start Preheating from FOB



Be able to start preheating the cabin and battery from FOB.


Preheating the car in winter is essential, but sometimes the app fails to connect to the car. As it stands now, the only other way is to start the heater from within the car itself. Getting into the car when it has windows and doors clogged with ice and snow can be a real problem, especially in harsher winter climate. An unused FOB key combination (if programmable) could be used as a backup solution to start the heater from outside the car.



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maybe an option to start the A/C when the car unlock

also an option to auto enable defrost for X min if temp is below  Y c
Instead of having an additional function on the FOB, how about MS being able to work as a WiFi AP (access point)?

In  the described scenario, one has to be next to the car in order to activate the heater. From there, it wouldn't matter from which device I'd start the heater. So a MS working as an AP would let me using the app again - maybe even from further distance than a FOB was able.
I would settle for the "All windows - down/up" Incorporating the rain sensor. The Android and the IOS apps do a fine job on the HVAC system. The FOB only has three pressure points
The car should turn on climate control if it's unlocked with the fob but not when the handles auto-present. It should engage Max Defrost if the outside temperature is below freezing and the interior temp is below 10°C/50°F.