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Software Intrusion Alert



Car owners should be notified with SMS or email every time some network activity is going on in their car, be it from Tesla Motors or from others.


Internet connected devices are increasingly hacked, and cars are prime targets.  No need to explain at length the potential damages can be huge not only for the car owner, but also for the car maker reputation.  There are already descriptions of such remote intrusions for the Nissan Leaf and one local intrusion made on Model S via WiFi that has since been patched by Tesla.



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Too many notifications will prevent you from finding very rare attempted hacks.

Getting a text "every time some network activity" is not desirable.  The Model S is a very well-connected device, and streams position and telemetry data to Tesla Motors constantly.

Better to spend time and energy locking down protocols, testing for vulnerabilities, and patching.

Perhaps an alert on access from new devices or sources would be OK.

I agree that the quantity of alert  messages should focus on  the most suspicious activity  concerning security, such as anomalous login attempts from new devices from new locations.
I’d like to see a few security items like, text my primary phone if

another phone is used to unlock the car or to enable driving, ok maybe I have an approved list

I’ve set a geofence and the car leaves it

the alarm is triggered