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Improve AP Hold Steering Wheel Intervals



Using autosteer, when the conditions are very good (clear weather, high contrast center lines, controlled access roads, etc.) allow a longer time between the “hold the steering wheel” reminders.

Another option would allow the driver to select the interval amount, like some of the other settings along with appropriate warnings for picking a higher interval.


I appreciate the alertness reminders in EAP for where it is in development, it needs to be smarter or variable.

Multiple stories of drivers trying to do all sorts of silly things to override this feature in an unsafe way shows that drivers would like more control over the frequency of the alerts.



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I would argue "drivers trying to do all sorts of silly things to override this feature in an unsafe way " do not understand they are playing with fire and most likely also do not understand why Tesla is approaching the suite of Autopilot features in their chosen manner.
I agree the 'every 10 seconds' is a burden and the amount of force necessary to stop the warning will sometimes throw me out of the AP.

I did find that you can adjust the volume or click the speed up or down by 1 MPH and this also stops the warning. I found the radio to be the easier solution.

Autosteer / autopilot should not use torque sensing. No matter how advanced AP is, the torque sensing for hands on wheel is broken as designed. Should use capacitive or any other technology not requiring me to give the vehicle a little jerk every few seconds. Its easier to drive without autosteer imo.
Having driven several loan cars as well as my own I note that there is some considerable variance in the pressure needed to stop the nags between cars - which is perhaps why it irritates some drivers more than others. Every 10 seconds is too often when the car is poor at identifying the wheel is being held, vs the 3 minutes we got when I bought the car which was probably too long