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Side Door Pockets



Have side pockets in the doors to hold thin/small items.


Most vehicles offer side pockets or pouches in the door as a standard feature.  While having side pockets is not as clean looking as the current Model S design, any additional storage would be welcome.



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Side pockets can keep the clean look by closing flush and then opening when wanting to access them.
A cut-out large enough to hold a bottle of water or Coke would be the icing on the cake.
These are a must as well.

Interior refinements: It's the little things that elevate the cool factor and make a car more functional. The above picture is a classic example of that. Loose papers and a water bottle neatly kept out to the way.
unbelievable that a car of this quality and design excellence has such poor interior storage.  How about cargo nets on the rear of the front seats and a card holder on the sun visor?
Better interior storage is a must - but it also must be carefully and elegantly designed. DJN
I imagine that the current design stems from some sort of Frank Lloyd Wright principle. He would not design garages into houses, preferring carports. His rationale was that owners would be less likely to clutter up a carport than a closed garage. He may have had a point, but we still need bins for stuff. I wouldn't insist on doors to cover them up. ;=)
Yes, yes, YES!  There is no place to put anything.
Tesla has a nice lean design on doors, but I'll bet with a little imagination they could make door storage foldout or be flush depending on individual preference.
Where in the wold do you keep your ice scraper?
Tesla seems to be quite resistant to this love to detail like many the European and Asian car manufacturers have. Not only in the passenger cabin but as well in the trunk/frunk.
I agree.  This is needed.  My car is a mess because of lack of storage such as this.  Please Tesla add these so future owners don't have to deal with this.  Thank you.
yes-door pockets would be handy - but I would NOT want them to be big enough to hold a water bottle.  I'm thinking side-cushion air bags launching heavy things. Pocket big enough for tissue, or gum - but nothing heavy and hurtful
Yeah, this is a serious omission. The car really needs this, particularly for the front doors.
A feature I miss that I have had back to my 88 BMW
I'm a brand new Tesla owner and I love the car, but I sure miss the storage on my BMW.  No center console for our "stuff".   More storage is definitely needed.   Some way to retro fit to the existing fleet of cars would sure be nice to for all of us who already own a Model S with very little storage.