Show Icon for Seat Belt Warning



When using navigation in the S/X, do not overlay the map with the seat belt warning, but use a small icon instead.


Instead of using the full left area of the dash and preventing the driver to see the 3D map, use a small icon in the bottom of the dash, indicating what seats are unbuckled when the car is moving. This will keep the current feature while the car is parked and fix the intrusive alert when the car is moving.



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just buggle up, problem fixed

or just do not press the brake pedal before all the kids have put on there seat belt
I don’t want to buggle up my backpack, just because it’s heavy enough to trigger that warning light, or keep asking people to fix when they buggle up to the wrong one in the back seat, it’s just so much easier to the dash be smart about it and warn without being annoying or distracting. It’s not even hard to implement such change.