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Sentry Mode – Erase Files Feature



Have options to erase files in each folder – RecientClips and Saved Clips.


I have zero interest in looking at these files UNLESS I see some damage to the car and I usually take a quick walk round before I get it. For me that would be enough or, ideally, give a warning when down to 10% free space, so I can make sure I check the car and then delete them all.

At present I have 64GB + a spare 16GB pen I use to swap over as it fills up in a couple of days, but a bit clumsy.



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Category: Tags: entered 25-Jul-2019


Good idea.  I would add options to wipe just older files just in case there is a recent incident..  Time frame can be set by user say 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month.
This is already been implemented, time to mark this entry as done