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Intermittent Wiper Improvements



Change the first two wiper stalk settings to sense wiping and intermittent wiping. Both settings would have adjustments on the touch screen, sensitivity for the sense settings, and speed for the intermittent setting.


Current wiper stalk has two positions for sense wiping, less and more.  This feature overcomes the problem that sense wipe seems to be unsuitable in some occasions, and a simple intermittent wipe would be better.

We presume this can be changed in software, but it may need a hardware change if the sense is set in hardware.


New neural net wipper solution being worked on that should offer improvements, perhaps for early 2019 release

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I'm not sure if this is the right fix or not, but on neither my nor my wife's Tesla does intermittent wiping work properly and there seems to be no difference in behavior that either of us can figure out between the first position and the second position. Both seem to just randomly wipe. Really surprised there hasn't been a fix by now.
How about rain sensing wipers on AP2 cars?
rain sensing magic is on so many cars today, it's shameful tesla does not have it.
Yes, the wipers are definitely not at the expected level for a 100K+ car.

There is a sensor behind the mirror, so I don't understand why the wipers can't be set in automatic mode...
There needs to be a lower speed "occasional" setting for light rain. Even the lowest setting is too fast. I like the idea of a setting in the setup menus. Some people might like their wipers shipping on a near dry window. Personally I like I to wait until there is actually some rain to wipe because it doesn't tear up the wipers as fast.
Wipers should feature intermittent gradations. Mine frequently make no "sense".
The AP2 and AP2.5 cars don't have working rain sensing wipers.  I would hope that when they do get it that there will be a reasonable way to adjust how sensitive they are.  My Mercedes E500 (2004) worked great up here in the Pacific Northwest and I never really had to turn them off - either due to wiping when they should not or needing to speed them up due to a splash from a truck or a sudden downpour.

(Plus they were somehow speed sensitive on the highway too)