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Selectable Software On Upgrade



With a software update, pick and choose those items you want or don’t want.


For example, if you wanted to remain with an old UI, but get new features.



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That would add huge complexity to maintaining successive software updates. i.e. which were selected previously?  How does that change what's needed for current update.?
Now, a large upgrade install  new fonction,new vision like 8 cams actives and  that’s good.

but some possibilites are now not active with v9 : more icons are smallest, uncolorised, recuparating braking or not is not selectable,  Nav always on the top, etc...

why  in the next upgrade are we not able to have choice between old environnement  or new proposed ?
The "Editor's Analysis" giving this a highly economical rating is preposterous. Implementing this would be the opposite of economical, as it would result in a combinatorial explosion of software configurations for Tesla to test, which would invariably lead to incompatibilities and oversights. Moreover, merely maintaining old configurations in the face of new features would become increasingly expensive and painful for Tesla engineers. This is like saying you want a "Windows 3.1" mode in Windows 10 because you like Program Manager, but you still want to be able to run Google Chrome. Economically infeasible!
New features with old environnement is totally feasible. I just have sensation that old icons are more valuable that news ! In this ver9, i think it’s a downgrade and not really a new upgrade regarding look like ! Beurk ! Small icons in black and white is not really a futur look ! Were are the designers of the beginning ? Are they all out to others constructors ?  God bless us from the mediocrity ! Help us Elon !