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Security Cam Mode (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Use all the cameras on the car set to motion-activated, saving video for 7 days that can called down to owner and/or police if there is an incident.


Charge $10 / month.

Moderator: This could be a future feature with different hardware. The current cameras must have the AP processor powered up, which consumes a fair amount of power – about 1-2 miles of range per hour, or 12-24 miles of range per day!  In addition, all the cameras are optimized for AP, not general dashcam type footage. Still, would be a cool feature.

See related desired feature: Dashcams


While not exactly as described, the new Sentry mode mostly covers this and we are considering it implemented in late V9 (April-2019) builds

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Perhaps you could save power if there is an actual motion sensor in the car that could be used to trigger the cameras to start recording... I don't need the car recording the birds eating fries off the pavement in front of the car. If the car gets touched however it would be good to know who did it. All the cameras should record at once until 10 minutes after the motion of the car stops.