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Seat Belt Warning After Selecting Gear



Currently the seat belt warning comes up when you hit the brake. This is especially annoying in the Model X where the driver door closes when stepping on the brake. Leaving the door open and fastening the seat belt first in order to avoid the alarm is dangerous, especially when you doing roadside parking.

It seems logical to enable the alarm when selecting the Gear instead of pressing the brake.


In case there is a legislative restriction in US, perhaps the change could be made for European vehicles.



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The concern expressed can easily be resolved by using the touchscreen to close the door, belt up and then step on the brake.
Warning on gear select seems too late, and even dangerous. If you put it in gear and then attach your seat belt, you may inadvertently hit the accelerator while doing so.
A 10 second delay from pressing the brake pedal to close the door before the audible seatbelt warning starts would be sufficient.  One shouldn’t have to be told to put it on, but the current nag is a bit aggressive.