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Scheduled Charging End Time



On the charging section you can enter a scheduled start time via “start charging here at:”.

In many areas there are ‘peak and low’ energy rates. For example, it means that between 11PM and 7AM you pay a far lower rate than during other hours (peak/high rate).

It would be very helpful (and a money saver) if one could not only set a start time (possible now), but also set an END TIME for scheduled charging (desired feature). The display could add a line below the current ‘start charging here at:” and  say something like this:

“end charging here at:”





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Like a home HVAC thermostat that seeks a target by a scheduled time and compensates for capability to get there.
I think the charging time should be displayed in hours, minutes, AND seconds.     That would be cool.    Desert Tesla Club.    760-617-7666.    Frank.     Model S.


"End" time will also make it possible to complete a full charge just before you are driving.
Would be good for us as we would prefer to stay completely within the reduced rate charging times.

I'd also like to set charge level and cabin temp. so that the battery is conditioned and the cabin is comfortable when I'm ready to go.
I have TOU charging with SCE in Southern California.  my Super Off Peak is 10pm to 6am.   I would like to have the MS stop at 6am if the charge is not complete as we as a override to this as well.     The rest of the charge to 90% could be caught up on subsequent days.

These capabilities need to be accessible from the remote app as well.
Please look at the VOLT 1.0 scheduled charging feature and do something like it.
If I want to range charge I prefer to have the car reach range just before I leave the charger, not hours before.
Full dayly schedule, weekdays and weekends would be also nice, But  simple way to start time and end time, even manually everyday, is fundamental for the electrical tariffs fares we are used in Europe. Nowadays you have even very low cost from 1-7am, while you pay 3-5 times more outside that slot.

Depending on the KWs you have allowed to charge (e.g. modest apartment can have 4,5KW) and you limit to 13-16A (or 3.7KW) the battery won't finish charging, but you will just maximize everyday's tariff.

If you need to fully charge up to a certain 90%, you just eliminate the end time, or as suggested leave a lower SoC (separate to the current standard limit)