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Autopilot Lane Departure Off



Offer an option to always disable Lane departure warning. Current option turns back on at each start.


Lane Departure warning keeps beeping and yanking my steering (see below why). This can be turned off in settings, however on each new ride it turns back on.

It needs more evolution. The car steers towards oncoming traffic many times, my passengers get stressed, and with reason. This is why it happens so often:

In Europe (Netherlands especially) many country roads have a new line markings. Where there is plenty room for dual lane, there is no line in the middle and the line at the side is far from the side. It is impossible to keep within lines while passing upcoming cars. This type of lines gives more awareness towards all cyclist appearing everywhere in The Netherlands. It also optically makes the road look narrow so cars don’t speed and overtake as much since most cars are in the middle of the road. I intentionally have to drive over lines all the time.


Update: No longer annoying!  Although I am not aware of having an update installed meanwhile, the yanking and beeping is gone, it’s a different world. My wife uses my car now more often because of this, so much for an improvement 😉

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alternative Tesla should detect that you are crossing the line in order to pass an oncoming car or parked car, and therefore not send the Lane Departure warning