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Movable Next Turn Nav Panel



When in NAV mode the next turn dialog box sits in the upper left corner of the 17″ display.  I set my display in direction of travel so when the route is displayed on the 17″ screen the white next action box usually sits on top of the route.  This wouldn’t be a problem but not being able to see traffic because its covered over is problem.  I’d like to see the ability to move the box, say hold your finger on it for 3 seconds and then slide it to anyplace on the 17″ monitor.


This is a software change so its engineering time only plus beta testing.



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I'd much rather see work done to improve the information on the dashboard nav window, such as ETA, distance to go, etc, that worry about relocating this box.
I have been asking for this since I got my MS in February 2013.  Having a clear view of the entire route with traffic is a very useful tool. Being able to move the Next Turn Nav Panel on the monitor is something that needs to be done.  I'd rather have the ability to move the panel then to have a longer dialog box with increased future turns as it is now since Version 6 was released.