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Rear Window Wiper and Washer



Wiper and Washer for the rear window.

Include some option to prevent it from running on a dry windshield, perhaps tied into the automatic rain detection.


This is offered on a number of hatchbacks and SUVs. It does reduce the CD (Coefficient of Drag), adds some weight and often looks rather ugly.



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I would like to hear some opinions from Model S owners who have driven their cars in the rain. For instance, the Saab 900 (looong time ago) also had a hatchback without wiper and washer, which was entirely fine b/c above some minimal speed, the rear window would remain dry in the rain due to aerodynamic effects. If the Model S is anything similar, wiper and washer may indeed be unnecessary.
Seem unnecessary to me from the few rain storms I've been in (maybe 3 since owning the MS).  While it might help, I think it would be more of a distraction (noise and wiper movement) than a benefit.
...particularly since that window doesn't offer any great rear view in the first place... ;-)