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Rear Passengers Video/DVD



Offer rear seat passengers one or two displays for video entertainment. Displays are mounted on the backs of the front seats or fold-down from the roof (when no sunroof).

This may include a DVD player or a connection to tablets, phones or game players.


Available as after-market, and offered by some manufacturers as an option. For example, the 2009 Nissan Quest offered a DVD entertainment system and a single screen for $1,550.  Aftermarket systems have a similar installed price.

Revozport offers a LCD screen and cupholders module for the rear passengers designed specifically for the Tesla model S. Prices start at $850.




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A low-cost alternative that was actually promised by Tesla at some point would be additional USB ports that are accessible from the rear seats. Given the ubiquity of tablets and smartphones large and small, just having power available to actually use them during a road trip would go a long way to entertain the "backseat drivers".

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I'll add a back-seat USB item as a desired feature (you can add you're own desired features too!).