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Random “PIN to Drive” Keypad Location (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Move the “PIN to Drive” keypad to a different random location on the screen each time it appears on the screen, so your PIN isn’t so easily detected by the fingerprints on your screen.

Better yet, move the keypad to a random location on the screen each time you enter a digit. (Moderator: This second part would make it hard to actually enter the PIN reliability).


Nobody has this feature.


Implemented in late 2018 with v9.

(lightly edited by moderator)

Category: Tags: entered 5-Sep-2018


fingerprints sequences undetectable.
Rather than moving the whole keypad to a random location on the screen, it suffices simply to scramble the numbers randomly on the keypad each time it is displayed. This does come at a cost of increasing the time required to input one's PIN.
This feature is now implemented in v9.0, so it can be taken off the list.