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Quick Open/Shut Sunroof



Have an option to set the thumbwheel button to double-click to fully open or close the pano roof.  A single click could stop the movement.


My sunroof is always either 100% open or completely closed.  Not sure if this is normal.  I typically use the right thumbwheel to open/close it.



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The current preset is 12%, which I like, when using the menu button then scroll wheel.  If you want it to go to 10% just flick the scroll wheel to the top.
I'm sorry.  I don't understand the comment.  Are you saying that each click/roll of the thumbwheel opens 12%?  I was playing with that this morning.  I still have to roll many times to get 100% opening/closing.  Would be nice to have a single motion. Am I missing something?
Would be nice to have such an option on the app. In summer, wheather conditions can change within an instant (i.e. rain storm or hail), requiring the ability to shut sunroof and windows immediately when the car is parked outside. Other option to achieve this would be rain sensors. But they usually react very late according to my experience with such sensors.