App Battery Warming



On the Tesla App, allow warming the batteries when charging power is present and the battery temperature is lower than the threshold for full regen.


This might be a safety feature because on icy roads without regen it’s a sudden change of driving behaviour. On very cold days (-5°C) it can take up to 50 km of driving until regen is 100% available if you have charged outside a garage before. And braking energy is lost in winter.



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This is usually addressed by using the mobile app to turn on the AC, which begins to warm the pack.

Software 6.1 now adds the learning feature for A/C preconditioning (although I much prefer a manually set schedule option, not always "learned").

According to Tesla tech support, at low temperatures, the only heat the battery receives is from heating the passenger compartment.

As part of the winter package, include a heating pad under the batteries:

  1. Temperature initiated (on when temps <50 deg F (+/-) &, off when battery reaches, say 50% (or higher) of regen capability)

  2. Manual on/off control

  3. Understanding this would have a significant amp draw, this feature could be limited to when the battery is being externally charged.