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Remote Preset Time for Climate On



Via the app, remotely set the climate to turn on at a set time.

A super advanced mode would look at the calendar (if it has an address), estimate how long it will take to arrive, and work backwards to turn on the climate so when you get in, the car is at the right temperature.


I do not always leave at the same time. But I would like the car interior to be at the  desired temperature when I leave. For example I knew yesterday that I would leave today at 9:00 and would have liked the car to be warm at that time  I would have liked to be able to tell it yesterday: “be at 20 deg. Celsius at 09:00 am. Judging from the current interior temperature and the time it takes to heat the car the software should start heating (or chilling) at the appropriate time so the desired temperature will be reached at the desired time



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