Pause Wipers if Door is Open



Pause the wipers when the front door is open.


When the wipers are left on when the driver leaves the vehicle in the rain, the driver can get a deluge in the vehicle upon returning.  One enters the vehicle, presses the brake pedal (turning the vehicle on) and reactivates the wipers while the driver’s door is still open.  The first new sweep of the wipers causes a waterfall into the door sill.

This has happened to me many times.  I have an MX, and I suspect the same problem may occur on an MS.  I now have to remember to turn off the wipers before leaving the vehicle.

Moderator: Short term solution – don’t turn the car on with the door open.  Not quite sure why some people turn the car on (press brake pedal) with the door open, but seems like quite a few do this.



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