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Cruise Control when TACC Inactive



When TACC is unavailable, allow manually set fixed speed cruise control.


During normal TACC operation the indication of this is the BLUE small analog speedometer.

When the sensors gets covered in dirt or snow, the cruise control capabilities are all disabled completely.

Offer the ability to turn on a non-TACC ‘old style’ cruise control when this occurs. This allows the car  to maintain a fixed speed set manually.

The indication of this feature being enabled could be to turn the small analog speedometer in the display amber.



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I feel the need to point out that the OP has the TACC graphics confused with the Autopilot graphics.  The TACC graphic is the very small analog speedometer on the upper center left position whereas the Autopilot graphic is the steering wheel on the upper center right position.

You might persuade Tesla to allow for the operation of conventional cruise control when the sensors are dirty but I do not think it's likely.
A much safer and more desirable feature would be a speed limiter like is requested here: https://teslatap.com/questions/speed-limiter/ or here: https://teslatap.com/questions/adjustable-speed-limiter-as-alternative-to-cruise-control/
You mean, if the autopilot won't engage, you can't even have normal cruse control? Why would they remove this feature?

I spend most of my time driving on roads that I'm pretty sure AP won't work on; I was thinking of buying a MS later this year (hence why I'm on sites like this) but if regular CC isn't going to work either I may reconsider. I just don't see what reason they have for removing that feature, my current car has it, as did the two before that. The roads I normally drive on have a fixed speed limit, very few sharp bends or corners that require slowing down for, and the lanes of the road are more than wide enough for large articulated lorries to pass; however, being in the country they have poor markings, and you're not supposed to use AP off the motorway anyway. I use cruise control almost all the way from home to work and back.

Frankly, for the cost of the car, I'm very surprised it doesn't have cruse control.
I agree with OP and the proposed mechanization with the display of a amber steering wheel is an logical and intuitive feedback to the driver.

There is a need for a basic control functionality when TACC is unavailable. On a recent trip to northern Sweden, the TACC quite often was unavailable due to ice and snow on the front radar - so the problem is present. It may be that TACC is always available in sunny California, but this is not always there case in cold and icy locations...!