Music Hard Drive



Offer a hard drive option to store music within the car.


Have a built-in hard drive to save music from a USB. This could then link to a search tool, perhaps even by voice control, to make accessing the music you want much easier if searching while driving.

Moderator: Tesla originally had this as a planned option with the internal flash drive. As they added features, it left little room for such a feature.  Not sure what the objection is with using a USB drive, where you can pick the size and easily add and remove songs using a PC without dealing with a complex car interface. You can even add an SSD drive to store your music via the USB port.



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Swiyching between a hard drive and other music sources might make it easier to return to the hard drive where it was left off - currently does not happen with the USB source. Either way, it would still be useful to search by voice command