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Multiple Navigation Routes



When navigating to a location, offer three or four choices, perhaps as fastest, shortest, cheapest (i.e. no toll roads). Each route would show the number of miles, estimated time, and the actual route on the map with different colors to identify each route. If no selection is made within say 10 seconds, default to the fastest choice.

Lexus Navigation Routing

A choice based on shortest time based on current traffic would be fantastic, although we are unaware of any current car navigation system that has this feature.  Another routing consideration should be where superchargers are located (for longer routes). In this example, Quick2 may be the only route that truly works, with a stop at the Harris Ranch supercharger.


Some of more advanced navigation systems offer this or close to this level of functionality.



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Each route should also have estimate of energy usage based on elevation changes and average speeds of roads.
This would be extremely useful, plus the ability to drag a spot on the map for the route like Google maps allows (if this isn't already supported).

For example, when heading east I often take a 2-lane road through a canyon rather than the freeway since the canyon is shorter with less elevation change plus a much prettier drive. All of the GPSes insist on taking the freeway.

It would be even better if the GPS could learn that that is a preferred route.
Google maps does this on my home computer as well as the Google maps app on iPhone.  Since our Nav is powered by Google Maps, I don't understand why we are missing this.  The only way to get an alternate route now is just to start driving that alternate route and wait for the system to reroute.

+1 Each route should also have estimate of energy usage based on elevation changes and average speeds of roads.
Lexus had this feature years ago.
As has been mentioned, calculating the most economical route should take into account the terrain. While we are waiting for Tesla to integrate that feature, here is a website that already uses this (among many other parameters) for range estimates:
(Yes, the Model S is supported. Just click on the "Add a vehicle" button.)
Agreed. Just like google maps on the computer, having 3 route options, plus the ability to drag your finger to re-route, would be wonderful.
Just please please please fix the nav sys to even "generally acceptable features" level.  I have not had to navigate with my phone while driving for many years and I dislike starting it now.  I see this as a safety issue, not just convenience.

My 2007 Prius had these featured too, except the instant traffic knowledge. It had DVD's containing all the maps and roads, so GSM/LTE connection  was not needed to view the maps.

With my new Model S90D where I live I get poor GSM/LTE connection, so often I cannot really plan a trip, becaus ethe maps cannot be downloaded.  I need to use my 2012 Nokia N9 celllphone that can hold all the world maps  in memory.   I find curious that Model S memory computer is unable to store all the regional maps, memory is so cheap nowadays.
I'm tired of dragging around my garmin to do this.
Daniel - Actually the Tesla does have a large Garmin map database - it appears in the instrument cluster during navigation. You can use it even without Google maps or LTE reception. Just enter an address and it should still route and provide instructions on the instrument panel map.  Not as good as having both, but generally works well for a single route.  If you get back into LTE range, the Google map will appear with routing.

I'm not sure the reasons for all this, but I suspect the Garmin may not work well on a large screen. Garmin typically appears on tiny low-resolution displays (low resolution maps?). Google does have the advantage of being more up-to-date than Garmin and very good traffic information.
Pretty useless feature in Ohio. Limited superchargers mean only one route.
I am not willing to pay extra for this feature but agree these navigation features should be available.
I have an app on my phone, WAZE, that keeps up with real time traffic and suggest alternate routing where appropriate. A computer stuff and very inexpensive once past the code writing (Elon's start).
With the additions of release 8.0 of the software, there appears to be less need for this item. I'd rather efforts be placed in another area than this, since the routing system seems to have been improved so well.

I kept my vote of "yes," but it needs to be tempered by the work of the good folks at Tesla.
I currently use Google Maps and Waze combined to get most of these functions. A non-detailed Google Map appears to be used if my Verizon connection isn't connecting.
since the update, the maps take in account the elevation of the road and the traffic.

still, several options should be easily doable with google maps api.
Would be great to plan a whole trip and be able to name and save it. Kinda like EVTripPlanner
My need for NAV improvements are to allow selection from at least 3 routes.  I sometimes want to take the more scenic route, not the boring Interstate.  I also really want a method to introduce waypoints so that I can plan a Spring Wildflower Tour as an example.  Apple Maps can do the former and TomTom can do the latter.
This is fast becoming one of my biggest gripes with the X. We take a ton of car trips and often have various routes we'd like to take, but end up with the same ones suggested by the car.

I'd like to be able to say "navigate to A, via B and C." This would force the route to go through B and C, picking up appropriate superchargers along the way.